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Autumn Sapphire

February 28th, 2009

You know what I hate? @ 02:26 pm

Current Mood: angry angry

I hate when you support a doll line since its inception, through a move to a new company, and then when you post on the company's Yahoo Group (for which you pay for the privilege of posting to!) that you are disappointed about the "direction" they took with this year's convention, someone tells you to stop complaining and just suck it up.  You know what?  Fuck you!  I didn't say I hoped it would fail, or that nobody would go, or that the nonfunctioning ship/hotel would sink into the harbor, or that I'm never going to buy anything from this company ever again (in fact, I have a large preorder for part of the new line, which I think looks amazing for the most part).  I simply expressed disappointment that they aren't going to have a real convention, but just a one day "event" at a multi-doll convention in a place I have no desire to go. 

Argh!  And now I'm pissed off that I let him piss me off.  And it's still fucking snowing. 

Deeeeeep breath...think of upcoming cruise...aahhhh, that's it. 
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