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Autumn Sapphire

July 7th, 2007

July Doll Party! @ 08:03 pm

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Had another fun meet up last night. The only downside was all of the cottonwood fluff flying around. It was as though it were snowing in midsummer. I had to take a lint brush to my slacks after kneeling on the ground to take pictures.

I brought Saint-Germain, Rogerian and Pippin this time, while Milo hung out at home with Marcus (my MNF Elf Shiwoo, as yet un-faced up).

Here's my favorite pic from last night -- a pensive Rogerian leaning on a birch tree.

A couple dozen more pics from the meet up are at the following link:

July Meet Up

Spent all day today at the Downtown Market, selling wood and fur ornaments for BPW/Alaska. Lots of looky-loos, not all that many sales. However, the weather turned crappy mid-afternoon, which probably dissuaded a lot of people from hanging around. We'll be there tomorrow, too, and then anything unsold goes to Reno to National Conference.
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Date:July 10th, 2007 07:57 pm (UTC)
that's a good pic :D

and the lex luthor pic made me laugh LOL

it's always fun getting together since i see jamie and sarah quite a bit but don't see you, just at meet-ups n_n