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Autumn Sapphire

May 8th, 2010

Fairyland's Chic Line @ 02:02 pm

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

Fairyland is getting ready to launch their new BJD, the Chic Line, which is a mature 40cm doll. And I have a bad case of grabby hands for Ruo (boy) and Dark Soo (girl). I don't currently have a female BJD (except for a tiny anthro), but I am sorely tempted by Soo (as I was years ago by the 60cm Dark Elf Soo).

I only wish they had been available when I was first buying, since I definitely would have gotten Ruo to be Saint-Germain. However, I like my "big boys" too, and definitely wouldn't rehome them at this late date. Plus there's no way I'd give up my Volks Lucas, since he was the first BJD I fell in love with.

Link to pictures of Chic Line: http://dollfairyland.tistory.com/category/ChicLine
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