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Autumn Sapphire

December 15th, 2010

Freakin' Wind and Tiny Dolls @ 09:25 am

Current Mood: cold cold
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I generally hate winter. I hate the dark the most, snow second (because I have to shovel it). What I especially hate, though, is when the wind comes right after a "dry" snow. I shoveled off our front deck yesterday, and not only did the wind blow it right back, but now it's all hard and crusty. I just hope our tiny snowblower can cut through it, since I know our plastic snow shovels can't.

On the plus side, at least the power didn't go out. I have to say this for ML&P; they can generally keep the power on through this type of crap.

Re dolls, I dodged a bullet with Fairyland. One of the gifts was a Shiwoo multi-head, so I was contemplating getting a Shiwoo PukiFee and a Puki Puki body for the multi-head. However, it's a dreaming vampire, which I have no interest in. I guess I'll just wait until they come out with a proper Shiwoo Puki Puki, which is what I really want anyway. I'm kind of tempted by the new Kanu Puki Puki fullset, but not tempted enough, at least right now.
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