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Autumn Sapphire

July 17th, 2007

Reno's on Fire @ 06:13 pm

Current Location: Reno
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Figuratively and literally.

I arrived on Sunday morning, to bright sunshine and heat. By midafternoon, it was nearly 100F.
I spent the last three days just running around, shopping, driving down to South Lake Tahoe area, getting my official souvenir (Hard Rock Cafe Lake Tahoe tee and pins). On the drive back, traffic was backed up for about 20 minutes, due to some poor unlucky person hitting a deer on the road (and then being hit in turn by another vehicle).

Got some nice pics in Tahoe and on the drive back and will post upon return to Anchorage.

Last evening sometime, a fire started in the hills to the southwest of Reno. It's been really windy, and the fire is whipping up some nasty smoke over the city. From a distance, you almost wonder what could possibly burn, since it appears to be mostly sand and sagebrush up there, but there are a few trees in the fire area.

Conference starts tomorrow morning. I'll miss being able to sleep in like I have done the last couple of days. The hotel/casino is pretty nice, with good sized rooms (at least, in the tower our room is located). We have a pretty nice view from our room of North Reno and the hills beyond. The only drawback is the hotel is in Sparks instead of downtown Reno (like Harrah's, Circus Circus, etc.), so nothing of note within walking distance.

I am looking forward to conference starting. There should be some real heated debates over the future structure of BPW, and I love a good argument!
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