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Autumn Sapphire

February 13th, 2008

Live from DC @ 05:11 pm

Current Location: Washington, DC
Current Mood: cold cold
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I'm in Washington, D.C. this week for the BPW/USA Policy & Action meeting and board meeting. Of course, after nice warm weather last week, the second I get here it turns to crap.  Freezing rain last night, and while it did warm up today a bit, it rained all day.  So I nixed any sightseeing and did some minor shopping (new Swatch watch, stopped by the Hard Rock Cafe to get a shirt and pin).  It's supposed to get nicer tomorrow, but of course I'll be in meetings all day from now until I leave, so probably won't have any time just to look around.  I am only a few blocks from the White House and Lafayette Square, so I may be able to get a few pics there late tomorrow afternoon before it gets dark, if the weather forecast is accurate.  I'm not holding my breath, though.

Since I'm state president, I have the honor of introducing our speaker at lunch tomorrow, who is one of Alaska's Senators to the US Congress, Lisa Murkowski.  I'm a bit nervous, since I'm not a public speaker.  Fortunately, a person at BPW/USA wrote everything up, so I just have to read the script and try be make it look natural. 
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