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Autumn Sapphire

June 8th, 2008

Staycation! @ 07:41 pm

Current Location: Home
Current Mood: cranky cranky

I'm taking a vacation week this week from work.  I'm not going anywhere, but I'll still be busy, since I'm finally going to do some spring housecleaning and completely clear out my spare room and reorganize it.  It started out as my library/computer room, but over the past few years has become more of a catch-all for crap I don't have room for anywhere else. 

Anyway, I'm going through everything in there, and ruthlessly culling books (I hope to get rid of 2/3 of them at least), doll stuff, knick-knacks, tote bags from various conferences, and anything else that's in there and that I no longer need, including my old computer and ooooold 19" tube monitor.  That I'll have to pay to get rid of, and I'll cart it, the computer, and the obsolete scanner and computer piano keyboard off to the recycling center.  Hopefully, I can get everything done Monday and Tuesday, so I can have the rest of the week to relax.

Also on the schedule is a follow-up eye exam.  I've been having problems with my close vision (after nearly 40 years of being just nearsighted), and as it turns out something is screwy with my right eye.  At last week's exam, the doctor couldn't get it to correct to 20/20, which both of my eyes had always been able to be before, as bad as they are naturally.  My left eye is fine, but the right eye will only correct to 20/40, which is probably  why I'm having problem focusing while reading.  I'm using (expensive as hell!) eyedrops (I have horribly dry eyes), and hopefully that will help the right eye if there is some problem with it being scratched or something.  Getting old sucks bat guano!
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