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Autumn Sapphire

September 28th, 2008

Autumn again! @ 11:32 am

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It's been forever since I've updated this, so this is going to be a mondo post.  I guess I could break it into two or three, but that's not going to happen.  Heh.

First off, I started a new job the day after Labor Day.  Same type of work (legal secretary), but at another firm.  I was ready for a change, so when the attorney I worked for when I first went back to being a legal secretary (after working 10 years on the Slope) asked me to join him at his current firm, I agreed, provided they could pay me what I needed.  They did, so I moved.  I'm now settling in, and enjoying the work environment.  I'm also enjoying being downtown again.  

On non-work news, my term as BPW/Alaska President ended in May, and I am now free again!  I did go to the National Conference in Atlanta in July, which was fun since I had no responsibilities.  I had a free day, and drove over to Athens to meet up with a long-time internet friend who I had never met in person.  A great day, and a good time in Atlanta (even with the heat and humidity!).  Also went to the Atlanta Aquarium (the largest in the world).  Very nice, but I still prefer the Monterey Aquarium, which has the advantage of its breathtaking location right on the Bay.

In addition, I just bought another BJD (just a head, though).  I've always wanted a Souldoll Lune, but couldn't figure out how to fit him into my "family."  However, the family is so diverse now, that it's not a big deal.  I'll get him a body later, after I sell my Luts Zuzu Papi Pilot (just not bonding with him like I did my Zuzu Persi cat).  The new Lune's name will be Neil (after Neil Tennant), and I'll also have his faceup redone at a later time.  

Here are a few pics.  First up, pictures from my Atlanta trip, starting with the double-barreled cannon in Athens:

Here's one looking from our hotel room in Atlanta towards Buckhead, during a lightning storm (you can see a lightning bolt in the middle of the picture:

And a picture from the Aquarium:

The rest of the pictures are here:   Atlanta trip pictures

And here are a few doll pictures (mostly fashion dolls), after I updated my displays for autumn:

First, IT Madra:

And a group display of Madras and Genes:

And finally, my Orientdoll Vampire Ji:

The rest of the autumn display is here:  Autumn Dolls

Well, that's it for now!

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