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Autumn Sapphire

October 4th, 2008

Neil (aka Souldoll Lune) @ 05:16 pm

Current Mood: bored bored

I received my Souldoll Lune head yesterday.  He will definitely need a new face up; the old one isn't bad, but the eyelashes have come off, and I need to change it match the character.  Here are pics:

His name will be Neil, after Neil Tennant.  Generally, I don't like naming dolls after real people, but just can't resist.  The eyes, mouth, ears, and nose are a pretty good match.  Below is a pic of NT from the late 1980s:

After reviewing pics of NT (the above and others), I thought the head may also need some mods; the cheeks are too round, and the chin too pointy.  However, I'm leery about actually changing the shape of the face, and after giving it more thought, I'll probably keep the shape of the head the same.  This would also keep the doll from looking too like NT, which I'd find kind of creepy, and keep it more in the realm of a "character" patterned after NT.

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