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Autumn Sapphire

October 26th, 2008

New Art and Stuff @ 02:41 pm

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Just a few quick random pictures of new stuff at my house.  First is an original piece by a local Alaska artist.  Most of his stuff look like weird, alien landscapes, which I find really cool.  I was especially drawn to this one, since it looks like some kind of alien discoteque.

Sorry about the glare in this shot:

Here's a look at the actual drawing, sort of off-center to cut the glare:

Here are a couple of Nene Thomas prints, which I just had framed a couple of weeks ago.  The first is called "Whispers," which features a drawing of a friend of Nene Thomas', holding a BJD:

Close up of the face:

And this one is Winter Wings:

Close up:

And here is a picture of Neil (Souldoll Lune) with his new (old) body.  I still plan on changing out his eyes (they currently are dark green; I'm changing them to a medium blue), and I need to get a new faceup.  He's currently wearing a Souldoll outfit I got from Ebay years ago for Saint-Germain, but which really didn't fit his personality.  

And finally, a Halloween picture.  This is a Partylite piece:

Happy Halloween!

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